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Are You Ready To Move To The Next Level 
in Your Life and Business But Need A Little Help? 
Cathy Harris has been known as The Ethical Business Coach for 12 years. She specialize in health and business coaching, especially for those authors who are ready to write their first book. Is it time for you to reach out to the experts and move forward in your personal and business life?  At Angels Press we realize that everyone needs a little help every once in a while so we offer flexible coaching sessions for your life and business.  

We offer private and confidential in-person, phone, skype and email sessions for individuals and groups, small or large. We are willing to work with you to make sure you receive the information you really need in one, two or three sessions -- if needed. Our fees are below. Contact Cathy Harris today at (512) 909-7365 or email: We look forward to hearing from you.

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One-On-One or Group Coaching Sessions

We want to help get you back on your feet.
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Everyone needs an extra hand sometimes.
We are available to sit down with you in person or by 
phone, email or skype to work with you.
Empowerment Speaker

  • Seminars/Workshops for Groups = FREE
  • In-Home Seminars/Workshops = $250.00
  • Consultations-in-Person = $250.00
  • Consultations by Phone or Video = $250.00
  • Book Writing Consultations - $150.00 X $150.00 X $150.00 (3 Packet Deal - $450)
  • Consultations by Email: $150.00